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Production Solutions

Mark has in excess of  14 years experience designing various products including cutting edge batteries, chargers and lighting for the Film & Broadcast industries. Mark has also worked on a prototype battery system for a high performance electric sports car, and a number of military products.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in product development, starting from the original idea in the lab, all the way through prototyping, development, beta testing, first production runs and into to full production you can be confident of the best solutions and the most professional service.

Over the years, Mark has been involved in the development of dozens of cutting edge products and has seen a multitude of product development issues which he has helped to resolve or avoid. This knowledge and experience has given Mark the expertise and understanding to foresee and prevent a multitude of common, and even the most unusual, design and manufacturing pitfalls. Our experience in this field will ensure your product gains you a distinct advantage over your competitors, and gets your system to market in the best possible time-frame without compromising quality.

With this valuable background, you can be confident we have the foresight to perceive almost any likely problems in the early stages of a project and advise on the best techniques to avoid them, thus giving you the advantage of making the most efficient use of your companies finances, and the fastest route to market for your product

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