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Mark has  over 30 years experience in manufacturing, working on Production lines, Test & Inspection, Service & Repairs, R&D and Design. He has worked on all of PAG Ltd’s current battery range, and his skills have been utilised to incorporate marketing strategy into the designs and branding of the products. He is a highly experienced ISO 9001 Auditor and can advise on all aspects of this accreditation. Mark has also helped to design and build a prototype battery for a high performance electric sports car which was exhibited at the Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham in 2008.

Mark designed and built the battery which was used to set the current World Duration Record for electric radio controlled helicopters, setting an impressive record of 1h 10m 50s (the current British record was 13m 26s at the time)

We are confident, with this wealth of knowledge and experience we can provide the best possible solution for any of your manufacturing, or design needs

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