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From Concept to Production

Mark is highly experienced in all kinds of product development and specialises in battery design, with 18 years designing products for the Film and Broadcast industries. Conseptualising and overseeing projects all the way through to production, with  numerous products currently in use by major broadcast companies and freelance ENG’s (Electronic News Gatherers), including the BBC, Reuters, Sky News and many others. This was done while working at a World leading broadcast product manufacturer, PAG Ltd.

A large number of Mark’s custom designs are in  currently the field including the unique power system for Wild Images ‘Wing Cam’ designed while working for PAG Ltd

Mark has over 30 years experience working on MoD and Military products and is accustomed to the technicalities, procedures and procurement processes required.

In any aspect of manufacturing, if your product designs stand still they go backwards. This will give your competitors an advantage you can’t afford them to have.

We can offer full product development support by analysing what the your competitors in your market are doing, and offer the best practical advice on the way forward for your company and your products. We have found over the years that often minor modifications to an existing product can produce significant marketability and give you the edge over your competitors, or put you on a par with them if they have something new to offer.

We have over 20 years experience in Research & Development at the cutting edge of battery, charger, and camera-top lighting technology so you can be confident of the best service and advice available.

All kinds of research undertaken About

All categories of research undertaken with detailed reports of all levels, from basic briefings up to full dossiers as specified by the client.

Professional Independent Investigations undertaken

Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Confidentiality is paramount in working with our clients and we frequently sign NDA’s before entering into any discussion or contract of a sensitive nature. This ensures full protection of your intellectual property and gives you the confidence to discuss your project in-depth, to produce the best possible solution for your requirements

Whatever your design requirement we can help.

Do you have a problem product which you need to get to market quickly?

We can solve most technical &  production issues without compromising quality, and still maintain  cost effectiveness and profitability of your product

Do you require a battery system which will give longer run time, higher current capability or better life in the field?

With 18 years experience in battery design at the top level working with Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, Li-Ion & Li-Po chemistries we can offer the best solutions available

We are fully up to date with all the latest battery transportation legislation  and can arrange full 38.3 U.N. (T1-T8) testing & certification for your lithium battery products, meaning they can be legally transported by air world-wide without the hassle of having to transport them as ‘Class 9’ dangerous goods.


Mark attended South Thames College in Wandsworth in 1976/7 and passed his City & Guilds for Radio, TV & Electronics. He started his first job with Skyleader Radio Control in 1977 & took the second part of his C&G in 1978 after studying part time. Mark has two other C&G’s and has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1982.

Mark has worked almost continuously in the electronic industry with a number of companies, including Babcock & Bristol and Datalab and PAG Ltd.

Mark joined PAG Ltd in 1989 as a service engineer, and worked his way up through the ranks to Design and R&D. Mark is now able offer a professional consultancy service of the very highest standard.