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Basic PC Tuition

This is for the complete beginner wanting to take their first steps in using a computer and is usually undertaken by our more senior clients

All lessons are tailored to the client’s requirements and are likely to include from the following:

Basic Word Processing: Enter and Load Text; Edit, Insert, Move and Delete Text; Replace Words; Change the appearance of Text; Change Margins; Alter Line Spacing; Control Justification; Embolden and Justify Text; Save and Print Text, Exit System Cut and Paste Text and Add Pictures to your Document

Email: Set up an email account, create and send an email, attach  a document or picture to your email

Simple Spreadsheets: Create a simple Spreadsheet and Enter Data; Edit and Manipulate a Spreadsheet; Use Spreadsheet Display Features; Save a Spreadsheet, and Print its Contents

You will require a computer with appropriate software installed,for these lessons. Some lessons will require an internet connection.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements